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    were last together and I had only been into the hotel to get change

    when I mentioned it, with the greatest precaution, to Mrs

    can with us! Who knows when we may meet again, else? Come!

    In a moment we were all shaking hands with one another, and

    Steerforth’s face fell, and he paused a moment

    like me,’ said Mr Peggotty, looking round at both of us, with

    experience of the family, saw both the twins detached from Mrs

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    excited and gratified Mr Micawber, that he ran with a glass of

    farther, and beams with carved heads on the ends bulging out too,

    ‘Bless your dear heart!’ cried Peggotty ‘I know you will!’ And

    questions, that I could only sit and look at all the silent company,

    Nonsense!—You mean to go tomorrow, I suppose?’ he said,

    the pleasure of knowing her, when I was a numble clerk, before

    never heard approached

    more difficult to manage for his own comfort It said nothing of her

    ‘My God!’ he suddenly exclaimed ‘It’s little Copperfield!’

    When I joined Mr Peggotty, he was walking slowly and

    into the room She was sitting by the fire, suckling an infant,

    words, with his glance bent on the fire

    ‘Yes, sir,’ he replied, patiently shaking his head, ‘I’m away

    sensation of the world being shut out, the resounding of the organ

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    and best What am I to say, indoors? How am I ever to break it to

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