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    ever Mrs Micawber was quite as elastic I have known her to be

    proposing it she ran off to her own room and locked herself in; so I

    no other relations than two aunts, maiden sisters of Mr Spenlow,

    ‘Just of age,’ said Mr Spenlow ‘So lately, that I should think

    The great bonnet on Miss Mowcher’s head, and the greater

    room, I don’t know now

    Mrs Micawber retired to my bedroom And really I felt that she

    an establishment I was very sorry for her; but there were

    his head

    render me another kind of service, if you will; and a service I will

    Micawber, the very picture of tranquil enjoyment, smiling at Mrs

    day, and had to support myself on that money all the week From

    a leisure time; and that these were always directed in a businesslike manner by Mr Micawber, who now assumed a round legal

    reasons, unsubstantial enough, I was glad Misty ideas of being a

    after this baleful object presented itself to my view I was very

    relation of Hamlet’s—say his aunt

    could only observe him in silence, as he stood leaning his head

    The same court, in the same room, with the same bar, and the

    thoughts had lingered when I was far away The grave beneath the

    been all day, and we all sat about the fire, talking and laughing

    and my father was a fisherman and my mother was a fisherman’s

    no sooner out of my mouth, than he rattled away as if he, my box,

    ‘—Has nothing,’ pursued Traddles, ‘to do with that Only a

    flute, and blew at it, until I almost thought he would gradually

    conjunction with Miss Wickfield, demands my warmest thanks I

    In due time, Mr Micawber’s petition was ripe for hearing; and

    ‘Oh dear me, dear me, do you think it will do me any good?’

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    But neither of these resources was approved of in the parlour The

    which I have had many a cold plunge Dressing myself as quietly


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